Hi there! My name is Mallory Dirks and this is my portfolio. Everything’s here, from my coursework to my work projects.

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oh, hello there

I’m a recent college graduate. While that doesn’t stand out to anyone, I hope my qualifications and passions will. My Bachelor’s degree is in Public Relations, and my minors lie in Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies. My passions, however, range across the board – from pop culture & sports to social equality.

So here’s me:


You’ll often see me smiling. When I’m not, I’m focused, talking or laughing.

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what I can do for you

let’s cut to the chase. you’re here because you want to know if I’m good enough for the job. let me prove why I’m your girl:

I’ve had lots of experience working in teams, especially over the last year. I have been both a member and leader – from work to group projects.
In our PR Capstone, we created a comprehensive PR plan in groups of four. If you want to see some of the work I did, check it out here.
I served as the Secretary & Treasurer for Simpson’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) throughout my senior year. Here’s more about my time in PRSSA.
After three years of working in the Athletics Communication department at Simpson, I was promoted to the assistant. Even though I was a leader now, I was still constantly working with the team. This experience made a huge impact on my time in college – see some of my work here.

No, I don’t know how to create a new app from scratch, or even code a website. I can use Adobe Photoshop & InDesign, however – in fact, I created my resume from scratch using InDesign. It’s no question that I can use Microsoft Office, iWork and Google Drive without blinking an eye. Of course, I know how to utilize social media and marketing websites, as well, including MailChimp, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.

You should see my pens. I love color-coding and tabbing my to-do lists and journals. I make Excel documents for fun. I organized and planned seven trips for myself and up to 12 other people – from booking train and plane tickets to creating itineraries. I don’t just like traveling, I organize my travel. And my life. Here’s an article written about me, hitting on my organization skills.

Not all of my ideas are gold, I’ll admit it. But the ones that are have been successful. I created a student-athlete spotlight for my assistantship. I was able to use my creativity for some great ideas in our capstone group. A good chunk of my creative ideas include puns.

AP Style is my life. Have you seen one Oxford Comma on my page? I’ve been writing solely in AP Style since my freshman year – I will admit it has hurt me in my humanities classes. My Stylebook is marked up and tabbed (surprised?) after four years of use. Casual, readable writing is my life. If I write it, I can hear myself saying it.

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more about me

You probably noticed these pictures in the background as you scrolled down my page. I like to take pictures – and my mom makes me sometimes, too. These are some of my favorites, but if you want to see more, I have a photography page. That’s just a hobby, though. Just like watching Netflix, playing with my dog and Tweeting.

while we are on the topic of Twitter, it’s my favorite social media platform. I get 99% of my news from the app (hey, it’s not Facebook, right?) and it is where I let my humor shine. If you want to see the kind of jokes I tell my friends, here’s my Twitter page. If you want to see how cute my dog is and how many pictures I make my brother take with me, check out my Instagram.

so I’ve mentioned some of my favorite things, but how about some more? I like a rainy day. I can quote too many lines of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I love catchy pop music. I’m still watching Vines everyday. I need something to do, always, and I enjoy learning new things.

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how to get to me

Email is my best friend. You can get me at mallorydirks@gmail.com – I’ll be sure to email you back! If you want to get crazy and call me, my number can be found on my resume.

I know you’re probably wondering where in the world Center Point, Iowa is located. Well, don’t worry about that – I don’t plan on being there long. I’ll come to you. But for now, here’s a map.